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Teaching Our Kids How to Control and Manage their Emotions to Lead a Successful Life, and Become their "Real Me"

Katrina Crilly, Founder of BeeMe, with 22 years experience in education, is providing a free webinar to speak about the importance of teaching kids about the power of their mind and their thoughts, to help them become their “Real Me”

Joined by Ivan, with over 15 years of Personal Development experience and coaching, this duo is the perfect team to support you and your child to manage the power of their minds.

First of its kind programme for kids, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will explore the transformative power of BeeMe, an innovative educational platform that nurtures children’s confidence and self-esteem. Led by Katrina Crilly, a passionate mother, experienced teacher, and principal, this webinar will provide invaluable insights into the importance of empowering children to believe in their potential.

In this webinar, you will:

  1. Discover the inspiration behind BeeMe: Learn about [Your Name]’s personal journey as a teacher, her realization of the gaps in traditional education, and her deep desire to create a solution that empowers children to thrive.
  2. Understand the urgency for change: Explore the rising challenges faced by children in today’s world, including anxiety, self-doubt, and a lack of resilience. Gain insights into the impact of these challenges, particularly in the context of the recent global pandemic.
  3. Learn the BeeMe approach: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how BeeMe goes beyond teaching children what to think, focusing instead on how to think. Discover the core topics covered in BeeMe, including attitude, persistence, empathy, and self-image, and how they contribute to building confidence and resilience.
  4. Uncover the power of self-belief: Delve into the concept of self-belief and its transformational effect on children. Explore real-life examples and success stories of children who have embraced their potential through BeeMe and witnessed positive changes in their lives.
  5. Get a sneak peek into the BeeMe platform: Get an exclusive preview of the BeeMe educational platform, designed to engage and empower children. Gain insights into the unique teaching methodology and specialized knowledge incorporated into the platform to help children expand their self-awareness and discover their true potential.
  6. Embrace your role as part of the solution: Discover how you can contribute to empowering children by joining the BeeMe mission. Learn about various opportunities to make a meaningful impact and be part of a community dedicated to nurturing confident and resilient young individuals.

Limited seats are available for this empowering webinar, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power within your child and help shape their future for the better. Register now to secure your spot!

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