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Empowers children to develop positive self image with inner belief and confidence to be their true self … their

“Real Me”​

Did You Know?


3-17 Year Old 

Diagnosed with Anxiety

Importance of Self Image

Poor self-image and belief can lead to increased anxiety for our children. Bee Me teaches our children to build a strong self-image to become their "Real Me"


3-17 Year Old 

Diagnosed with Depression

Importance of Self Belief

Bee Me teaches our children coping mechanisms to control their thoughts and foster a positive mindset to enable them to reach their full potential.


Increase in children having a mental health problem

Importance of Positive Mindset

Many children’s minds are impacted by their environment. Bee Me helps children develop strong self-confidence and inner belief, and deal with daily challenges to live a more fulfilled life.


Of children experience mental health disorders 

Power of Thought

Did not have appropriate intervention at an early age. Teaching our kids from a young age about the power of their thought is crucial to living a healthy and happy life.

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What our BeeMe Kids think

How Can BeeMe Help You?

Every parent wants the very best for their children, academically, socially and emotionally. BeeMe Parents course will help you to create a home environment of positive thinking habits and routines that will nurture and develop their minds, so they can grow in confidence and self esteem. 

Why Choose BeeMe ?

Personal Development Created for Children

We know it is hard to keep children’s engaged when we are teaching them something new, so we designed our personal development company to excite, entertain and educate our children.

Children learn best through play and imagination, BeeMe will get children excited to learn about the power of positive thoughts to become their “REAL ME”

Teaches Children The Power of Thoughts

Did you know our thoughts control how we feel about ourselves and the world we live in?

BeeMe develops children’s understanding of the power of their thoughts as the precursor to all results in their life. Bee Me will teach your child to become the person they want to be, not the person their environment, friends, social media and other outside influences want them to be.

Teaches Children The Importance of Self Belief

Did you know that only 20% of children belief in themselves by time they finish school?

By teaching children the power of thought and feelings, Bee Me develops children’s self belief and self image so that they can love themselves and achieve whatever they want in life.

Teaches Children To Have Strong Self Esteem

Did you know as much as 85% of the people in the world have low self esteem?

Developing our Children’s self esteems and self-confidence,  especially during times of adversity, is critical to ensuring a child never give up on their dreams, and see challenges as an opportunity for growth.

Teaches Children To Make Positive Decisions

Develop an inner belief to make the right decisions that will keep them safe from negative external influences. Helping children to focus on what they really want in life and to become goal achiever, aiming high in life with abundance and prosperity.

We teach our children with the power of thought and positive self image, confidence and belief, that whatever they want to be in life they can become, regardless of what external influences communicate to them

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Meet The Team

A recent study found that 72% of parents felt it was the teachers responsibility to develop our children’s self image, self esteem and self confidence, whilst teachers felt it was the parents responsibility. 

The Bee Me team believes it is everyone’s duty of care to support and nurture our children to become the person who they want to be.
Our programme is designed for parents/guardians, schools, educators, and those who work with children daily.

Katrina Crilly

Founder & CEO, BSc (Hons), MSc

Educationalist and academic with 20 years experience working with children and young people. Principal of Post Primary school 11-18 year olds in Northern Ireland. Held many leadership roles and studied personal development for many years.

Cliona O'Hara

Co-Founder & COO

Vice President and Senior Inner Circle Coach at Proctor Gallagher Institute. Many years of experience in personal development industry, successfully coaching people all over the world.

Ivan Divino Sr

VP Business Development

President of Personal Growth Solutions LLCPresident of Personal & Business Credit Consulting LLC Executive Director Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Proctor Gallagher Consultant Personal Development Coach, Teacher & Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

The programme is designed to educate 3-10 year olds.

If you have older children between the ages of 11-17 years of age, our MindMe programme is more advanced and caters for this age group.

Visit MindMe here.

Teaching children as early as possible about the power of thought, self belief and self confidence is crucial.

A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning to become their “Real Me”

That is great to hear. We know how powerful self development for all age groups is, which is why our MindMe programme  11-17 year old is best suited for older children.

Our course for parents is easy to follow and contains all the information you will need to know. 

The parent course provides the basics of personal development which you can begin with your child. You will also learn as your child learns and we recommend you make this part of your family routine.

Register for the parent course

Yes, we offer courses for Educators, which means you will be trained to become a BeeMe educator with detailed knowledge and understanding of our content. You will then be able to teach this to your family 

And have an opportunity to teach to others if you so wish.

Register for the Educator Course

No Mindfulness is a practice similar to meditation which can be done to calm you down and come into the present moment. It is designed to reduce anxiety and worry, having a calm mind and take time out of 

Our busy lives. Whilst BeeMe includes meditation as an important part of the work we do, it is only a small part. BeeMe is an extensive curriculum covering many topics and lessons.

BeeMe is the beginning of  a journey for your child. It is not meant to begin and end with the course, we will always be creating more content and material that will keep your child engaged beyond the initial course you teach them. BeeMe is a way of life for your child up to 18 years old. However repetition of the content is key to creating good daily habits and positive thinking.

Reprogramming negative thinking willl take time and effort. It is about establishing new routines for your child and doing away with any habits that are preventing your child from gorwing and developing, this will require a commitment. However, if you need some support with this, please contact one of our educators who will be delighted to explore alternative routes for you and your child, which may involve one to one coaching, group coaching, schools program and/or attending one of our amazing camps.

We are delighted that a number of schools are currently delivering the BeeMe curriculum because they realsie the importance of personal growth and development alongside the academic curriculum. If you would like your school to get involved, ask them to submit a school’s expression of interest form and we will get in touch.  

You cannot put a time on your child’s growth and development. Every child is different. However this is the beginning of a personal growth and development lifelong journey. Initially it will take time, effort and commitment to change old habits and learn new ones. However the best habits start with small manageable steps that are repeated until they are fomed in the subconscious and are done without thinking. Even one small change every day will see a huge benefit to your child. Our advice is to start, do what you can, make small changes and persist until it becomes a habit. The success you and your child will experience will motivate you to know, do and learn more.

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